Jian Luo


Associate Professor

Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Water Resources

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology



B.S. (1998) with Summa Cum Laude and M.S. (2000) Tsinghua University

Ph.D. (2006) Stanford University



         Groundwater flow and solute transport in porous media

         Groundwater contamination and in-situ remediation

         Stochastic hydrogeology

         Subsurface reactive mixing

         Flow and transport in coastal hydrogeologic systems

The research Dr. Luo is conducting with coworkers involves field, theoretical, and computational investigations of flow and reactive transport in subsurface; development and application of stochastic methods for the spatial and temporal analysis of hydrogeologic and biochemistry data; development of computational algorithms and programs to simulate subsurface flow and solute transport; inverse modeling to estimate flow and transport parameters under uncertainty; and use of such computational methods and models to assess subsurface contamination, and aid the optimal design of bioremediation operations.






Contact Information


790 Atlantic Dr., Atlanta, GA 30332-0355

Email: jianluo@ce.gatech.edu

Phone: +1-404-385-6390

Fax: +1-404-385-1131